Noble Traditions


When the Sumerians attacked
Killed us for what our gods were
We were all there.
When Alexander turned the world Greek
And demanded to be god
We did as told or fought.
We were there.
When the Rome conquered
And consumed all against her
There was little we could do.
When the Mongol hordes swarmed
And shouted kneel or die
We all heard it too.
When the Visigoths took over
And slew and enslaved
We were chained.
When the Catholics killed those
Who did not agree
They killed us as well.
And among the Jews and Arabs
They were torturing and murdering
We also went to hell.
When the Spanish came to America
To steal their men and gold
We were among the crowd.
When the United States rebelled
And clamored for liberty
We were just as loud.
When the shooting began
And spouses wailed to lose the men
Some of us cried.
When the body count mounted up
And the battlefield cleared
Many of us died.
When the troops were shipped away
From the US to overseas
Many of us quietly waved.
When our lovers failed to come home
An empty box returned
We also wept and raved.
When our country ravished South Asia
We were also expected to comply
And understand
But, we were not allowed to go and fight
Unless we lied about ourselves
With a raised hand.
When we quietly wished that we could
Change unbalanced laws so we would
Be honest and marry.
And when the bodies did come home
We were not included or notified
To pay respect as they were buried.
We paid the taxes and volunteered
And heeded society's call
And we were slighted.
How can we, year after painful year
Continue to pretend and lie
And be so fearfully short-sighted?
Are we still not very much the same
As the conquerors making speeches
That they are superior?
That might made right, and be like us
Bow to our gods and morals
Or we kill you as inferior?
The clothes and armor and names changed
But the actions are still the same.
All meant to scare.
Play the games the big kids play
The playground is forever.
And we are all still there.