Best In The World


You looked into my eyes
And realized I was the one
None before ever had done
What I was doing for you;
Making your heart pound,
You found it hard to breathe
You didn't want me to leave
We were both of us were caught
It's not that we fought it
Trying to keep it from happening
Something was going on
The rest of the world gone
It was only you and I
Eye to eye, astounded
Feet planted, totally grounded
Yet floating in space
Your eyes taking in my face
And, not letting me go
How was I to know the power
To make a minute an hour?
You told me ego-swelling things
Complimenting my eyes, earring
Suddenly my clothes were right,
Just the right haircut and stance
Dancing like a professional
The best of all possible worlds
A curl falling across my face
Placing my hands just so
The time just seemed to go
Such adoration getting shared.
I should have been scared
But it was like heady wine
Something so intoxicatingly fine
As your eyes on mine
Dragging me gladly,
Madly into a fantasy
That absolutely told me
I was the best in the world.