Adam And Steve


The first man, Adam, was lucky.
Everyone knew he was straight.
No one confused, not even bemused
Until he was pushed through the gate.

The second man was his son
We don't know that much of him
He had a brother, perhaps not his lover
But his brother, did nobody love him?

The third man, that unloved sibling
Went off and married some woman
Of some folks near his home, heretofore unknown
And then suddenly there when we need them.

At that point the story gets muddy
Beleaguered by begats by the dozen
We hear of the names, but not much of fame
And what of those Cain gotten cousins?

So, where is this story is Adam and Steve?
They've been here since then it is obvious.
You would think it would say that one kid was gay
And take the pressure right off of us.