Brent Kincaid

A short biography

I was born, the year before WWII ended, in Kansas City, Missouri, and graduated as a fine arts major from high school right in the middle of my class. I was a painter, sketch artist, a poet, an actor and a singer. It was this last pair of artistic talents, combined with a huge lack of self-esteem, that derailed me for decades. I fooled around being an actor and singer (nightclubs, little theatre, etc) for years and finally gave it up to go on being a wage slave. I always worked at a "'legitimate" job, all through the periods of trying to be an "artiste". To be clear about this, I am not complaining. I had moved to Hollywood during the swinging seventies and had loads of fun. But, not much was happening on the graphic arts front.

Then, one day, a local hottie agreed to pose nude for me to get himself out of his body-shyness fears. I started to do drawings of him and realized this was what was holding me back.

A short side-street here. One of the side jobs I held for about two years was for an explicit sexual publisher. I did artwork for them and it was of an explicit sexual nature. But, I only did a few works for them. Wrote a couple of articles. I did not let myself appreciate my talents in that area. All of a sudden, though, in the late nineties, the talents burst forth and I began to draw and paint a wonderful collection of nudes. I began to get really loose and free with shape and form and color. Most of all color.

Next, I took a reminiscent step backward and did a series of monochromes. I still do them. They are popular and I sell a lot of them. I like them a lot.

Now? Well, I am making money off woodburning. Pyrography. I burn sticks I find here on the island of Kauai, in Hawaii, and make them into walking sticks. Then, I burn pictures into them. I do local Hawaiian themes, to sell locally in a few stores here on the island, and I also do custom orders for people who want to commission other things. Yes, I have done three of them with nudes as the theme.

I also have some nice, hinged white pine boxes about 8 by 6 by 2 inches that I decorate. Some examples are here. I do love having these to offer as they seem to be popular.

The reaction to my woodburned art is splendid and is the only time in my life I have had the same reaction almost unanimously from people who see it: WOW. That one word. I am delighted to announce, I even won a couple of contests with my woodburned art


So, if you have questions, just drop me a line and thank you for coming to this website.